Monday 29 June 2015

In the Moment #31 (Situation Analysis #2): Meeting Charlotte TIlbury

Yet again fervour arose over a major celebrity in the beauty world and I am less than in the know. Apparently Charlotte Tilbury is the #1 Makeup Artist in the World, something we were often reminded of at her appearance and launch of her eponymous makeup line at Holts on Bloor. For the occasion, the store was bedazzled in showlights and British Flags and I ran into more than a handful of the local beauty community while I was there.

I've never seen a Tilbury Youtube video and she's been in the business for 23 years now, doing makeup for all the famous people. While in line, my little group and I discussed who would attend and how in-the-know the public would be about Tilbury. 

Case study #1: General middle to late-middle aged women...don't know who Tilbury is.

Case Study #2: People who happened to be at Holts...might have known?

Case Study #3: The mass crowd at the entrance might have known...and might not have known.

You can separate the die-hards from the casual fans since people who weren't in these photos were in a very long snaking line waiting to get their photo taken with Ms. Tilbury. We had gotten there an hour before her appearance and were probably 5th in line. I snuck in and out to take photos.

Previous to the photo-op the President (CEO?) of Holts gave a brief introduction to Tilbury and expounded on Toronto's amazing ability to break all Tilbury launch date sales thus far. Yes, record breaking mass consumption, something worth celebrating...

Tilbury then gave a brief speech about her work and her "amazing products that everyone always wanted to know the secrets to." She described her "magic cream" (in depth and with much excitement and even I was pretty curious to try it afterwards.)

Models and dancers showcased Tilbury's signature looks from her line and makeup artists were at the ready to do your makeup.

Her counter at Holts is truly beautiful though. There's a great showgirl Deco feel to it and the gold echoes her line's package design.

As always I had an awkward encounter. I gave Ms. Tilbury a half hug since that seemed like the thing people do and after the photo I tried to depart the stand before she was like "woah...let me tell you what would look great on you." I thanked her for her suggestions and tried to find my friends in waves of adoring fans. 

This was a very big launch. The event was a spectacle and had every bit of glamour and Hollywood razzle dazzle (yes, razzle dazzle) that a meeting with Tilbury could command. More than a few super models and actresses were present as well though I didn't quite notice. Of course when it comes to her make up, my eyes are immediately drawn to her palettes but since I'm on a spending ban (Thanks Tian...) I'll have to wait to try them. The counter was also very busy so I'll most likely hit up her counter in Vancouver (Tilbury will make an appearance there in October fyi).

Do you Tilbury? Fave products?


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