Saturday 20 June 2015

Catching Up to the Competition - Western Cleansing Oils

vichy purete thermale purifying cleansing micellar oil review

I have to give it up to my Asian homies because skincare is their game. Honestly, the Asian market is so much more into perfecting skin as compared to the West that I almost blindly trusted their skincare items, especially cleansing oils.  You gotta pick the guys that have been doing it the longest you know? That's expertise. That's experience. That's the difference between straight years of championships and the up-and-comers who don't have a chance. But I also have to say that the Western market is finally catching up and there are two cleansing oil options that are pretty worthy of my Canadian dollars.
l'occitane cleansing oil review

I won the L'Occitane Cleansing Oil from Rae and have spoken about it before. $26CDN for 200ml is practically a steal for this cleansing oil that takes off all my waterproof makeup and rinses cleanly away. When I tried this, I finally started believing that I could find reasonable and effective oil cleansing options in North America.

vichy purete thermale purifying cleansing micellar oil review

The next contender is Vichy's Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil* ($20CDN, 125ml). Thin and almost water like, I wasn't ready to believe this could effectively remove my waterproof makeup especially since micellar water has been such a major dud for me.  I might have scoffed a little when I pumped it into my hand But Vichy has really hit a jackpot with this. Those afraid of an oily consistency and want a bit more power than micellar water will love this product. I have to use more pumps than most cleansing oils so it's not as economical as L'Occitane's but it wins some major points by shocking me with its power and rinsability.

Yea I know there are other Western cleansing oils out there but some are priced far more than they are worth and some don't rinse off as wonderfully as my favorite Asian varieties. These two though...they're doing it for me. I think they can both run with the big guys and at reasonable prices too. If you've been curious about cleansing oils and can't quite get your hands on some of my favorites from Asia (Fancl and DHC) you might want to consider these two options.

Daily Zen: Even more reason not to use artificial sweeteners. Since they don't get digested in the body, they end up in our lakes and water systems. Sweeteners, in our lakes. Think about it.

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