Friday 5 June 2015

Currently Reading #5

Lately, I've discovered a few books I didn't think I would like, but have ended up really enjoying.

 I don't usually read autobiographies/memoirs but a few books by female comedians and entrepreneurs have been making their way around the internet lately. I tried reading Lena Dunham's but that didn't really take and I haven't quite gotten started on GirlBoss or Mandy Kaling's yet. For whatever reason, Amy Poehler's Yes Please has worked for me and this funny, though so far, randomly integrated, collection of stories has been an unexpected pleasure. Maybe its her frank nature or maybe its because she reminds me of Vanessa's style of humour, but Poehler has somehow succeeded in grabbing and maintaining my attention more than the other authors previously mentioned have. Not a must read, but something quick and entertaining even for non-SNL lovers.

I'm only going to compare this to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series out of laziness and the loose thread that this and that are both thriller novels set in Scandinavia. The villains seem purely evil in the most believable of ways (which make them all the more horrifying) and Jooner Linner (the main character) is more than your typical hard working investigator. Not all mystery books from that region do it for me. I've tried reading some other translated authors but Lars Kepler's books have the perfect pace and level of darkness that I enjoy.

This book has also been making its way around social media. The premise made me curious, if there was some magical way of making my life more meaningful and less cluttered, sign me up. But I wasn't entirely on board with this in case it turned out to be too new-agey or exceptionally dry. My friend, Tian, was done with her copy so she lent it to me. A push in the right direction. Though at times it does go in for the false cheery confidence I dislike,  Marie's interesting and expertise in tidying up is genuine and her methods seem sound. I'm especially looking forward to using her technique on my glut of makeup once I have it all in one location. Who wouldn't want to keep more of 'what they love' and get rid of everything else?

What have you been reading lately?

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