Thursday 4 June 2015

Spending on Subtley

chanel tisse vendome review swatch

I assume that designer makeup will automatically be awesome. If I'm going to pump money into that shiz, I'd better look like I pumped money into that shiz when I use it. For a while, Chanel makeup (so iconic, so chic, so French) just seemed like it would make me win beauty pageant when used (Did you sleep with the judges? No, it's Chanel dahhhllling. Chanel, helping pageant contestants avoid further awkward mistakes since the 1920s). But I also knew that their original quads were sheerer and not really my kinda thing. I assume that when I spend on designer makeup, it will show up on my face. 

When Chanel relaunched their Ombre quad formula, I thought maybe this would be the time to drop a little cash and give it a try. I bought Tisse Vendome at the Duty Free store after much swatching. 

chanel tisse vendome review swatch

Since I had never used the originals, I can't compare if there was an improvement but the baked formula was not as buttery as I hoped and upon initial application it was almost too sheer. I read that a denser brush is better with these and there is the color factor to consider. Still, I was a little less impressed. I didn't dislike it but I was hoping for a bit more and almost scolded myself for wasting money unnecessarily.

chanel tisse vendome review swatch

But as with all things, when I got over my initial doldrums, I ended up liking the subtle and soft look this quad gives me. Patting on the color over primer definitely helps, wetting the brush helps a smidge, but even if I don't, there is a time and place for a less than intense color look. If nothing else, less does look more elegant. I guess part of buying designer is also learning not to be a gauche logo-maniac.

chanel tisse vendome review swatch

I'm was initially convinced that I need to buy any more of these but...random swatching at the Chanel counter made me think otherwise, (oh no!) Those interlocking CCs make for great vanity social signalling, and I guess subtle glamour is really the French thing, but I'm trying to convince myself that I can achieve this for a lot less. Someone stop me!

Do you have assumptions about designer products?



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