Monday 8 June 2015

The Man has Spoken #2: Dove Men +Care*

*Press Sample

dove men's care review Pro-moisture shave cream and deep clean face scrub

Featuring men's products on my blog is only fun because of the things David says about them. For someone who has gone through years of education, is considered to be quite bright, and can go on and on (and on and on and on) about one topic or another, David has very little to say about skincare. I forced-fed him the latest from Dove, just for my own entertainment. Here's how our conversation went. 

dove men's care review deep clean + face scrub

Dove's Face Scrub (Deep Clean+) is supposed to deeply clean while fighting skin dryness. It has scrubbing agents but can be used daily. It rinces off easily and leaves skin 'effectively moisturized'.

Jenn: Dear, did it exfoliate?
David: Yes, it exfoliated. Mission accomplished, Jenn.
Jenn: How about the scrubbies? Did you like the scrubbies?
David: It has maybe..a little less exfoliating things but its the same as everything else I tried. Nice and smooth skin, that's good right? Gotta have my smooth skin *sarcasm*

I'm not sure how this was the same as everything else when the density of scrubbing agents is noticeably lower (but still present and effective). I think the fact that there are scrubbies is the only thing he noticed. So if it has scrubbies...its like everything else that has scrubbies...

I tried this and yes, the scrub density was lower, which would make this great for daily use. The scrubs weren't harsh either in this typical foam cream cleanser. This had a men's fragrance which lingered close to David's skin through the day.

dove men's care review Pro-moisture shave cream

Dove Pro-Moisture Shave Cream (Hydrate+)* is supposed to soften stubble on contact and provide a smooth razor glide. It helps reduce shaving discomfort and razor burn in a rich cream formula.

Jenn: Did your skin feel more hydrated?
David: Jenn, I don't even know what that means?!
Jenn: Uh..ok. Did it reduce discomfort when shaving?
David: Yea but shaving cream always does. And I don't care about comfort. I don't need to be comfortable.

Ladies and gentleman, he doesn't need to be comfortable...hahahahah! 

I didn't try this so I can't speak to how effective it was. David insists on just using water to shave his face and he shaves daily. He agreed with the premise that a closer shave, achieved with the help of shaving cream, would diminish his need to shave daily...but so far, agreeing with that fact hasn't led to any change of behaviour. 

David was in Toronto for a week and I sent both these products back with him, along with two huge suitcases full of my stuff (my move back to Vancouver has begun in earnest). He assured me that if my luggage was overweight, I was not to worry because he would happy reduce the load by leaving these behind. The saga to take care of my partner's skin continues...

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