Tuesday 16 June 2015

MAC Haul, A Big One

MAC extra dimensions and huggables haul

The MAC Huggables ($24, 0.11oz) and Extra Dimension ($24, 1.3g) shadows really weren't on my curiosity list. They both seemed like yet another MAC release and not something I should jump on but then Denise somehow managed to change my mind with her swatches and what wasn't even on my radar suddenly become a must try. Once I swatched the ED shadows and tried a Huggable on my lips, I was such a goner and the result was a rather sizeable purchase from MAC.

MAC extra dimensions eyeshadows

Everyone knows of my addiction to eyeshadows. I have the unfortunate desire to always try multiple colors in a range. Rather than just choosing one or two of the ED shadows, I chose eight (for now). Yes I am crazy. Let me have all the shadows. I bought Fathoms Deep, Smoky Mauve, Stolen Moment, Silver Dawn, Amorous Alloy, Havana, Sweet Heat, and Sea Worship. Honestly...I have my eyes on the rest of the colors as well. At least these are permanent so I can take my time...

MAC fathoms deep smoky mauve stolen moment silver dawn extra dimension swatches

MAC amorous alloy havana sweet heat sea worship extra dimension eyeshadow swatches

Even when swatched dry, these are pretty impressive but when applied wet, the foiling is just amazing. The powder itself is almost cream like when touched and the pigmentation is SO present with these. Here is a look I did using, Sweet Heat on the lid, Amorous Alloy in the crease and Fathoms Deep on the outer third of the lid.

MAC look sweet heat amorous alloy fathoms deep

MAC look sweet heat amorous alloy fathoms deep

What changed my mind so drastically about the Huggables was what Denise said about them in her post. Even though I had read many posts about these, her description flipped a switch in my brain. When I applied that weird gel/cream layer of color and felt how it all seemed to just mold to my lips, I knew this was something I hadn't really tried before, not exactly. Since these are LE, that made the decision to purchase an unfortunate no-brainer and I picked up Flaming Lips and Bare Hug.

MAC huggable flaming lips bare hug swatch

MAC bare hug lip swatch

MAC flaming lips swatch

I haven't bought anything from MAC in a very long time. They so frequently come out with new things that I can almost always talk myself out of purchasing things but this time... I really couldn't. I'm pretty stoked about these purchases and I'm really looking forward to playing around with some more color combinations this week.

Have you tried the ED shadows or the Huggables?


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