Thursday 25 September 2014

Guest Post: Kalyn's Autumn Inspired Eye Makeup

Fall beauty, fall beauty -- to me, we're looking at this way too soon, but the fact of the matter is this...the leaves are changing here in Ottawa, and it is time to button up the jackets, snag a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and call it a day. Autumn has arrived -- maybe not officially for a few days (as of when I'm writing this post), but it is all but here in temperature and in spirit. 

In honour of that spirit, I am sharing my autumnal look...a classic go-to eye combination that I seem to always choose by default once the weather shifts. 

The Eyes Have It: 
I absolutely looooove Maybelline's Color Tattoos and L'Oreal's Infallible shadow line. No doubt about that. I think that Jenn might share in my love of both lines, so it is befitting that I share my favourites here today! 

L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are perfect for shimmery autumn colour. They have an almost foil-like finish, and collectively boast rich, pigmented shades from shimmering champagne to deep plum -- all of which can either be sheered out for a subtle look or worn full-impact for some WOWZA eyes. My preferred application? Straight from pan to lid with a swipe of my finger. Clockwise from top left, I have selected the following Infallibles as Perfect Fall Shadows: Emerald Lame (a gold-spiked deep green), Amber Rush (a beautiful copper), Bronzed Taupe (a slightly silvered mid-tone brown), and Golden Mahogany (a rich ruby red). 

Maybelline's Color Tattoos are versatile (they sheer like a dream) and boy, oh boy...can they pack a punch of colour. Not only that, they are fabulous long-wearing creams that work well on their own or as a base for more finnicky powders. I am proud to say that I possess a complete collection of Color Tattoos, and will continue buying each new colour because they are easily one of the nicest eye products I own (the occasional dud notwithstanding). Clockwise from top left, I have also selected the following Color Tattoos as Perfect Fall Shadows: Gold Shimmer (a rich, somewhat antiqued gold), Caramel Cool (a bright copper), Mossy Green (a deep, sparkling green), and Chocolate Suede (a shimmering warm-toned brown).

The bottom four swatches are the Infallibles, the top four, Color Tattoos. As you can see, all are rich, bold, and beautiful colours that mimick falling leaves and the other gorgeous earthy tones that you tend to see this time of year. I love them all. Here's an example of one of my fall-inspired looks -- I'm using some of the products mentioned above, and I think the effect is still light enough for the last few warm days of summer...but is still a firm nod to the seasonal shift. I created this look using all four Color Tattoos noted above, with a little bit of Barely Branded (another Color Tattoo shade) to blend. 

I applied all of the eyeshadow with my fingers, then applied a bit of brown liner and a lick of mascara to complete the look.  These shadows are a cinch to apply, and as you can see here, super easy to blend together for a cohesive look. The great thing about both sets of shadows? You can easily lean a little heavier on one of them to completely change the look.  If I had used a heavier hand with Mossy Green, then this would be a cooler, deeper look than how it is now -- relying predominantly on Caramel Cool and Gold Shimmer to carry the look. The same applies for the gorgeous Golden Mahogany.  Eyeshadow is a great way to be creative with your look...and what better time to experiment, with such beautiful inspiration all around?


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