Friday 26 September 2014

Coastal Scents Beijing Palette

Coastal Scents Beijing Palette review
When Jen and I went to the FTB Beauty pop up store months ago, I didn't think I would buy anything (at least I wasn't the one with the spending ban, *cough, slides glances Jen* :P). But I'm a sucker for eyeshadows so when I saw the huge array of Coastal Scents Go Palettes, ($10CDN at FTB Beauty) one swatch led to another and I ended up with the Beijing variation.

Coastal Scents Beijing Palette review

I took the palette with me to Saskatoon and immediately started to play with it. All the colors swatched and worked well except for the first one which was stiff in the pan and barely visible. It gave me good variety in the  light purple/peach/pink range with some darker shades to coordinate crease colors.

Coastal Scents Beijing Palette review swatches eye looks

Coastal Scents Beijing Palette review swatches eye looks

Coastal Scents Beijing Palette review swatches eye looks

The only thing I missed were some real neutrals. I would have loved just one mid-toned brown. The orange leaning shades are nice and brightening while the orientation of the shades gave me more ideas for different color combinations. Those who love colors in this family will find the $10 an easy spend for such a super compact travel palette (if they don't have one already). Those who do not will find the $10 economical for many small amounts of colors they might only use now and then.

Look #1:

Look #2:

 There are enough day and night combinations to suit any situation with some interesting colors outside the purple/pink family to work in for experiments, like that olive. You can get 220 3-color eye combinations from this palette (no guarantee that they're all going to be good though) if I did the math right. Actually it was liberating to go on vacation without my huge shadow palettes. I'm going to try paring down future travel makeup bags. I realize I never use 80% of the things I bring. Recommended!
What's your favorite compact travel palette? 

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