Thursday 18 September 2014

Sometimes It Takes a Few Tries - Lancome Lip Lover

When those new gloss hybrid things came out, I was on an unconscious mission to try them all. I know that Tiffany  has openly declared the Lancome versions as one of her top favorites so of course I had high hopes for the Lancome Lip Lover in Belle de Rouge.

 I don't often make substantial comments about packaging (I don't think...) but there is something super sleek about this gloss compact. The button is modern. The silver is elegant. The wand hugs the lips perfectly. The font and the little window are further design components that add to the overall chic look.

At first the formula didn't live up to my expectations. Belle de Rouge is a nice red-pink. A great flirty color with lots of potential but the gel applied unevenly and sank into my lip lines. Even after a few coats, the color doesn't smooth over and I'm wondering if I'm applying it wrongly.

I set it aside to be sold but sometime last week,  I decided to give it another go and I realized that mushing my lips together smooths out the color a bit better. Much more wearable and less splotchy now.

There are still some things going for this formula. The gel sits lightly on the lips. It doesn't dry them out. For something that I thought was going to be a fail...I'm actually considering giving the formula a second chance.

I'd like to keep trying with this....

Have you used it? Did it work for you?

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