Saturday 20 September 2014

In the Moment #14: Inglot Toronto

My dear friends, an unfortunate event has occurred. Protect yourselves! Store your wallets away! Inglot has opened at 19 Dundas West in Toronto.

'Cause you haven't seen this photo about 5 times now...
My first trip to Inglot resulted in many eyeshadow purchases and the results were no different at the Beauty Bloggers Preview Event last Thursday evening. You can hold me back from lipstick. You can hold me back from blush. But when I see eyeshadow, most of my resolution dissolves as I happily paw at pigmented bricks until my forearms (and biceps) are muddy with color. 

I had a plan! I whittled down a sizable selection of shadows to a respectable number of potential purchases. But I just kept swatching the colors, and other people's colors and asking for suggestions and I ended up with 10.

It should have ended there but a few models were parading around with colored eyebrows and I knew I had to partake in the fun so I learned how to get perfectly colored eyebrows from one of the artists...which only added another purchase after I had already paid. (I might do a tutorial of the few tips I got.)

Inglots, you are dangerous. With an incredible color range (not all colors are present in the Toronto store but there are more than you'll ever need), it's hard to resist. Though I battled off lip (~$10-16 each) and cheek temptations, the range, pigmentation and price of the Inglot shadows ($10 each which...unfortunately was a bit of a price hike from what I expected) are hard to ignore.

I'm very curious to see how Inglot does in Toronto. Their first Canadian store in Vancouver about 9 years ago didn't do well and I've heard rumours that they were pulling out of Montreal to focus on Toronto (please correct me if I'm wrong). For such amazing quality products, its surprising that they haven't done as well in the Canadian market as in Europe. I hope Inglot succeeds because they really are worth it but if what one of the SA's said is true, that they might be raising their prices, they might not see as swift an uptake as they hope. Even so, Inglot is more than worthy of a perusal and can easily out stage MAC in some categories if given a chance. 

Swatches and stuff to come.
Have you had a chance to check an Inglot out? 


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