Sunday 21 September 2014

PSA: The Shaving Gamble

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Every day I gamble with my razor blades and laugh in the face of those thin metal sheets. Yes! I can get away without shaving for just one more day. 'Cause I'm lazy. 'Cause I couldn't be bother. 'Cause, whatever.

It's a dangerous game of chicken.  I place bets that the little short stubs of 2 day underarm hair can still remain "invisible" after day 3. An arm raise the next morning and I'm so far passed the thin line between decent and nudist colony that you need safari goggles to see it through the growth. If I had a bookie, they would be rich (and a safari pith helmet wearing beauty poacher) from the multiple times I've lost my prediction.

Wrong calls have been made usually around the 4th morning. Then I've got 5 minutes and 2 seconds before work to see that it's bad enough and to whip out the razor. Its all kinds of awkward as one leg is quickly dampened and slung over the counter into my sink, like the princess that I am, while the other one wobbly balances myself on the floor. Water splashes everywhere and off to the sides as I try to shave quickly without skinning myself. As we tackle the underarms I'm standing sideways leaning uncomfortably over the sink as I lather and shave. More water everywhere. Towels are soaked. The pant fronts look like I pee-d myself, Thankfully I took my top and bra off this time. 

Unfortunately, like a junkie, I've performed this little ritual enough times to know how it all goes down. I've even got my 'kit' to minimize the damage and can get myself all fixed up in a matter of minutes. And apparently there are shaving creams that you can use wet and dry. I predict a few less peed pants looks if I use this EOS shave cream*. Still, it's always easier if I just bothered to do it when I showered the night before. Once again, you'd think I'd have learned by now.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario?

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