Sunday 28 September 2014

In the Moment #15: New at Guerlain

Makeup and skincare previews are fast becoming one of my favorite blogger perks. I'm not Beautezine,  my day to day isn't a full glamourous schedule of previews, interviews, and product write ups, so  when these little events pop into my calendar every now and then, I'm always excited. And when it's Guerlain that comes knocking, well...I can't RSVP fast enough.

Guerlain's Dr. Frédéric Bonté, Director of Research, visited Canada last week and did a round of presentations on new Guerlain launches this fall. His first stop was at the Guerlain flagship store on Bloor Street in Toronto.

The boutique itself is an amazingly luxurious space. All the Guerlain products are displayed in their specific sections and there is so much room to play and test items, it's really a beautiful and fun place to visit.  

Some Interesting Facts:
- In 1904, Guerlain launched the first hand-whipped cream in the world.

-In 1939 Guerlain established one of the very first spas in the world at 68 Avenue des Champs- Élysées. You can still go there today and from the presentation, it looked gorgeous.

- They actually sponsor and protect a colony of bees on the remote island of Ouessant, just outside off the coast of France. The royal jelly from the bees is used in their Abeille Royal face oil.

- They're a little obsessed with Orchids and have a research sites that are devoted to studying Orchids in Strasbourg France, Tianzi China and Geneva Switzerland. Talk about globetrotters...

Dr. Frédéric Bonté on the left.
We learned about:
The Blanc de Perle line (which is currently available in Asia but new to Canada) helps to brighten the skin. Dark spots are reduced and lightened while their development is slowed. Skin becomes more translucent and more radiant. I'm really hoping that the entire line (including UV shields and bases) will be available. 

The Orchidee Imperiale line tackles skin longevity and uses Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract to correct signs of ageing. The reformation of the serum will hit stores late fall. Wrinkles and fine lines are diminished in just 1 week of regular use and skin tone is evened.

The Abeille Royal line focuses on repairing damaged skin. Wrinkles are lessened and skin's elasticity is restored. The products firm, lift and tone the face. We were given a small sample of the Face Oil which I'm quite curious about. It's supposed to be cooling!

All in all an informative event and a great way for me to be introduced to the skincare options at Guerlain. The brightening junkie that I am, I'm definitely going to read up more on the Blanc line.

Which line would you go for? Have you used Guerlain skincare?

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