Thursday, 7 February 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers vs. Revlon Lip Butter

after hearing about how the Maybelline Color Whispers were Maybelline's response to the much loved Revlon Lip Butters, i made my way around town trying to find them. by the time this is posted, they'll be available at Shopper's Drug Mart but i seriously had the hardest time located them a couple of weeks ago. thankfully the local Walmart was carrying them well in advance of Shoppers. though by the time i got to them, there were barely any left.

maybelline color whispers mocha muse lust for blush pin up peach rose of attraction
Maybelline Color Whispers
i managed to grab Mocha Muse (20), Lust for Blush (25), Pin up Peach (30) and, from Shoppers, Rose of Attraction (75). swatches are in in my last post where i reviewed the Whispers.

now i do own one Revlon Lip Butter. hearing Bubzbeauty suggest the color Tutti Fruitti made me curious about it and so i purchased it over the summer.

revlon lip butter tutti fruitti

Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Fruitti swatch
Tutti Fruitti swatch
the formula for the Whispers sit better on the lips. the Lip Butter feels like its just sitting on top of my lips and i found that Tutti Fruitti gets pushed around on the lips when you try to apply it. it takes a few strokes before the color is uniform.

the color pay off of Tutti Fruitti is quite good and true to color. it also leaves a bit of a stain which is nice. i know that some of the Lip Butters tend to be more sheer but this is not one of them. for me, the Whispers also pay off quite well. i do have to say that the colors Bare to be Bold and Go Nude did not show up on my hand at all when i swatched it in store. i would skip those.

the prices of these two items are comparable at Shoppers. i forget what they are exactly but the Lip Butters are around $10-12 and so are the Whispers. in general these are cheaper at Walmart. i got the Whispers for just under $8 each there. the Lip Butters do have less product but its so marginal and i have so many lipsticks that i won't miss that last 0.2oz/0.05grams.

both seem sturdy but the plastic case and the metal lipstick casing of the Lip Butter is much thicker. i can easily open the Whisper with one hand but the Revlon definetly takes two. in both cases, you get a sense of the color of the lipstick without having to open it. the Revlon does this one better by have a clear window on the top of the tube if for some reason the colorful case was not sufficient though i find this window not very practical. nice try though Revlon. personally, i dont think these are functionally different enough in packaging that it should factor into your decision making.

i am curious to buy a few more Lip Butters but for now i do like the Whispers a lot. this is probably  because i chose very easy everyday color and because they apply and sit better on the lips.

hopefully this post was helpful! comments and feedback are always appreciated. :)
have a great today/tomorrow!


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