Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review: L'Oreal Shine Caresse Stain

When I'm not thinking about Arctic National Strategies (I don't purposely think about this btw, but did you know the diamond industry in Canada is worth $2 billion?), I have to admit that I (not so secretly) day dream for days of formal employment and being able to spend my money on cosmetics with free abandon. FREE ABANDON I say! *shakes fists in the air* But since that is not my current reality I decided to check out a new L'Oreal product since they are a dupe for the YSL glossy stains. (I realize that the logic may not necessarily follow...)

l'oreal shine caresse wet stain gloss review swatch pink rebellion 183
Why hello applicator! Nice to meet you.

A quick youtube/internet scan (my version of market research) warned me that the color would not be true to that of the tube. I picked up the color in Stubborn Plum but that turned out to be way too dark for my tastes. So instead I settled for color 183 in Pink Rebellion.

I don't own any lip glosses that have this type of applicator but I have to say that this feels really great when applying. The applicator perfectly fits around the perimeter of my mouth and seems to do a good job at making a clean edge. I really wished that the color were more like that in the tube. It would have made such a lovely pink! Instead it turns out a bit peachy-coral on my lips. There's a very slight shimmer which I think gives a nice effect. Like the glossy stains (apparently, since I don't actually own one) it takes 3 layer to really get the final color.

l'oreal shine caresse wet stain gloss review swatch pink rebellion 183
1 layer, 3 layers
This gloss lasted about 3 hours before I noticed that it probably needed reapplying. By the 4th hour, it definitely did. After it sort of dried down from application, it wasn't very tacky at all. I mean, yes a strand of hair did get sort of caught on my lips but in general, there are worst out there.

I actually quite like these and would recommend them if someone was looking for a gloss. It also helped that I got complemented on the color today. The only downside is the ambiguity over the color. You can't really test them out in stores properly to really tell. 

Have you tried these? What do you think?


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