Tuesday 6 August 2013

Skinfood Rice Mask

Way back when, I asked my mom to pick up a whole bunch of stuff for me in Korea while she was there. She mistakenly said yes, and ended up carrying back a jillion different products for me of which the Skinfood Rice Mask was one. 

skinfood rice mask wash off review

I totally forgot I had this (isn't that always the case)! A rummage through my drawers made me re-discover I had purchased it and I'm really glad I did. I'm totally loving this!

skinfood rice mask wash off review

The Skinfood Rice Mask (wash off) is advertised as having nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture. After cleansing, you gently massage this over your dry face and rinse off after 10 mins. The mask is supposed to sooth irritate skin and whiten the skin. The rice extract is also suppose to be hydrating for the skin. It will leave skin soft, white and lustrous.

The consistency of the mask is creamy. It feels and looks as if someone took a blender to some rice pudding and it has a lovely soothing smell. It moves around on the face gently and easily. You can feel the little rice particles which are somewhat spongy but still gives a good exfoliating feel. The particles are not rough or jagged.

skinfood rice mask wash off review

After washing this off, my face feels rather soft and smooth. It doesn't leave me with dry bits or flakes. This is a gentle product that really treats my skin well and I'm amaze at the value of this. I think it's only ~$10 in Korea and you don't need a lot of it. I'm sure this little jar will last me a long time since I've only been using it once a week or so.

I really recommend this for people who don't want harsh exfoliation (though please remember this is not classified as an exfoliator) but want something nourishing for their skin. It's a great option for those who like rinse off masks.

Daily Zen: if you could have this in your living room, would you ever have to go out to a coffee shop? The idea of streaming coffee shop sounds into your room seems sort of odd and sort of awesome at the same time.


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