Wednesday 7 December 2016

My Current Skin Routine

It takes forever to finish bottles of skincare so an update every...11 months (my last one was in Feb) feels ok to me. I haven't switched tactics, still going strong on anti-pigmentation and hydration but there's a renewed focus on eye care. As my colleague once told me, once 30 hits, I better be slathering on all the anti-aging potions. Best to start now, I figure.

Wash: DHC Face Wash Powder*
Serum: Skinceuticals Metacell B3*
Hydrate: Avon Skin so Soft SPF 15 for Neck and Chest*, Avene Tolerance Emulsion*
Eyes: Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF 15*

I can see the end is in sight for the DHC*, maybe half a month's more use left. The Skinceuticals Metacell B3* has been a really nice emulsive treatment to use. It's filled up with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), lightweight and supposed to help with skin firmness, reduce blotchiness and strengthen the skin's barrier.

A few weeks ago, I over exfoliated the tops of my cheeks leaving the skin broken and dry, Avene Tolerance Emulsion* literally rehydrated them in 2 days. This stuff doesn't have a thick winter cream consistency but it acts just as heavy duty.

Because I always want to avoid turkey-neck, I've been using the Avon Skin So Soft SPF 15. Sometimes I put that on my face instead of the Avene. It has a nice scent but I'm not sure how elegant this formula is since I noticed some 'bad for you' stuff were right up first in the ingredients label (pegs, silicones...).

I'm still using the Dermalogica Total Eye Care; I've was barely using before. Hopefully to finally get through some of it this time around. I use it in the mornings because of the SPF.

Wash: Philosophy Purity
Serum: Skinceuticals Metacell B3*
Hydrate: Estee Lauder Cyber White Moisture Cream* or Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil*
Eyes: Avene Physiolift Eyes*

Truthfully, the Avene Physiolift Eyes may be too intense for my not-so-aged eye region. When I was learning about the Physiolift line, it sounded very effective and intense, for people who already had lines and wrinkles. I use the tiniest amount of this (because its so thick and maybe overkill) but no negative effects just yet so I'll be continuing on.

I didn't like Philosophy's Purity when I tried it 5 years ago. Some flip switched because I'm been dedicated to it for a year now, especially when its on sale for $13 during Black Friday at Sephora. I bought two bottles last year and I think that was the year's best beauty purchase. As moisturizer, I use Estee Lauder's Cyber White Moisture Cream* more often than Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil. The Kiehl's my 'Hail Mary' during times of extremely dehydrated skin. 

What's in your skincare roundup lately?


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