Saturday 10 December 2016

Question: What's the Best Protective Hand Cream with SPF?

My arms and hands are becoming more speckled with age and every time I discover a new dot, its too soon since the previous. These surprise discoveries are making me consider going glam and wearing full arm length gloves like Ms Dita von Teese but that's really not my look. Since it takes years for spots to come out, this is latent punishment for years of sunscreen neglect.

The only thing to do now is to find a hand cream that dulls spots and also protects. I've got Vichy's Hand and Nail Cream* ($10CDN, 40ml) which promises hands that look 3-4 years younger (that's like...a 25 year old's hands!)...and you know, reduce fine lines, reduce dark spots. ALL GOOD THINGS. It has Vitamin C, natural oils, Ceramid and SPF 15. I'm very hopeful that this will prevent more pigmentation but at this point, I want to bring out the big guns and wear SPF bajillion.

But let's be real and see if I even remember to put this on before I head out onto the water to row (which I'm sure is the main culprit for spots this last summer). Nowadays, rowing have been rain drenched so I'm not too worried but I recall all the hours I spent in the summer with no arm makes me feel all the regrets (don't even get me started on the wicked farmers tan that has just started to fade...).

So I'm scanning the crowd and asking for options with higher SPF and maybe a natural version as well.

Do you know any hand creams with sunscreen? And better yet, a safe-for-you version (no parabens, silicons etc etc) that doesn't cost the arms I'm trying to protect?


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