Wednesday 21 December 2016

Ode to the Stick Highlighter: 3 Perfect Places to Highlight

I know you can highlight your cheeks. I know you can also highlight the inner corners of your eyes. But when I highlight, there are a few more places on my face that I like beaming up and I have found stick/tube highlighters, like the ones photographed, to be the perfect tool for those areas.

Above and below my brows: Instant brow definition

 Cupids bow: The easiest game changer

Lower lash line: A perfect eye brightening trick

It's self evident why a stick highlighter works well for my brows, cupids bow and lower lash line. No brush necessary, a swipe with a stick and a blend with my finger tips makes for quick work. 

I don't always find the same ease with other stick-like products. Thinking of all the stick shadows I own, I only really use Burberry and Maybelline consistently. Even then, its probably only because they're the only shadows in my gym locker makeup kit.

I have lots of powder highlighters but by far, a stick highlighter is my most preferred format. I've been using the Burberry Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance*, Estee Lauder Hi Lo Stylo* (which is also a great contouring stick) and a really old Benefit Watt's Up sample (or was it a birthday perk from Sephora...I can't even remember now). These are all the perfect color and shape to give my brows, cupids bow and lower lash line highlighted and might give you reason to reconsider the lowly stick highlighter as a necessary item in your kit.


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