Friday 23 January 2015

Guerlain Spring 2015 Collection

guerlain 2015 spring collection

Fat cherubs, feathery wings and near beatified glow come to mind when I peer at the Guerlain Spring 2015 collection. That baby innocently faced model says, "I can do no wrong. I volunteer on the weekends. The Pope has me on speed dial." 

If any products could instantly give you a saintly appearance, those from Guerlain's Spring launch have a fighting chance. They produce a look that is full of light, fresh and angelic. You would get instant invites to any deity's dinner table, to chat about poverty reduction, wealth re-distribution or whatever else it is divine beings discuss. (Which salon does the best wing trimmings?)

This season, angelic radiance won't cost you a life of servitude and altrusim. The Meteorites Perles de Blush: Angelic Radiance* ($68 at The Bay) and the Meteorites Compact Light Revealing Powder* ($68 at The Bay) elevate your terrestrial existence to near cosmic heights.

guerlain meteorites perles de blush angelic radience swatch review

The Angelic Radiance Blush has balls (or Ballz) of fuchsia to revive cheeks, champagne to highlight, and petal rose to refresh. Dipping and swirling a duo fiber brush right into the little cherub embossed pot gives a light slightly cool pink glow to the cheeks.

guerlain meteorites perles de blush angelic radience swatch review

guerlain compact meteorites review
The Meteorites Compact is a mythical feather light powder which produces infinite radiance. #2 in Light seems like it could give a ghostly pallor to your skin but it didn't make me pale. 

guerlain compact meteorites review

This blend of corrective and enhancing powders comes in a plastic compact which seems out of place for the $68 price tag. But we should consider the, sad but true, fact that the metal cased version costs $209 for which pan refills retail for $65.

Mythical would be the correct word to describe these Meteorite Powders. Arm swatches don't reveal much on camera and the effect it has on my face is near undetectable. Like the Hourglass powders, this produces a 'something different' that I can't place my finger on. Generally, my face looks more 'blurred' in the mirror and slightly photo-shopped in real life. I like that this didn't change my foundation color when applied. Do you need to splurge on this? Maybe not. But it is a luxury product that gives that something something.

Though being "angelic" isn't quite my modus operani, the blush and the powder deliver on a radiance which has its place. At least I can look beatific while I'm slugging away at my peon office job, cause we can't all be Mother Teresa.

Have you tried something similar? How does "angelic radiance" appeal to you?

Daily Zen: WOOOAAAHHH. The new Canadian passport's "hidden images" are so cool. We definitely have the best designed passport around. 


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