Monday 19 January 2015

Born Pretty Brushes*

*Press Sample

Born Pretty asked if I wanted to review some of their brush sets so I quickly chose what looked like dupes of the Sigma Precisions brushes. Born Pretty sent along their 5PC Makeup Brush Set and the 1PC Rounded Foundation Brush which is just the rounded/domed brushes in the 5PC set.

The 5PC set ($11.99) includes a:
flat top brush
rounded/domed brush
flat angled brush
rounded angled brush
tapered brush

If you get the 1PC, it's $1.99.

Each of the brushes have about the same diameter, though the bristles vary in length between them. Generally they are about the same in size and very very soft. They aren't too densely packed into the ferrule though and I was a little worried about bristles falling out from washing but that didn't happen. I would have liked a bit more density to help pick up more pigment. One of the ferrules was not attached well enough to the handle and fell off so I crazy glued it back together.

Even though I had been covetting the Sigma versions, I didn't actually know what I would do with each of these difference shapes so after experimenting I've concluded that:

flat top brush: isn't really good for eyeshadow use because of the hand position. I liked using it to place highlighter on my face though.
rounded/domed brush: this was really good for eyeshadow. I think it's too small to use as a foundation brush, unless you want to be blending for ages. It works great with liquid concealer.
flat angled brush: this is also good for eyeshadow.
rounded angled brush: ditto.
tapered brush: ditto and for applying concealer.

In general I think this set was good but not awesome. There could have been a few improvements on workmanship but I dont't think $2 is a bad price to get just the domed brush which worked really well on my eyes. The bristles are ultra soft which is a major selling point.

If you'd like to purchase anything from Born Pretty, the store has given me a 10% off code for my readers: ABZH10. I don't get any money if you do but I think they keep track of which bloggers bring in more sales.

Have you purchased from Born Pretty before?

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