Sunday 11 January 2015

Eats: Purebread Bakery

If I ever was a King (or Queen) I would want my feast table to look like the spread at Purebread. Purebread was a perfect place to meet up with a few other bloggers in Vancouver for tea and some sweets.

The Bakery is another branch of Purebread which originated in Whistler. Not much to say except its a magical place of baked goods and rustic charm. There were savory and sweet options as well as loafs of bread to take home.

The place was jam packed with baked foods and even the back counter was filled with brownie options. Feast for a king, indeed. 

In the end, we settled for the Savoury Swirl, Coconut Lemon Loaf and the Pudgie Pie over some tea and San Pellegrino while we gabbed about blog direction and growth for about 3 hours. 

If you're in town, I would suggest giving Purebread (159 West Hastings Street, Vancouver) a try. Seating is quite limited so big groups will be taking chances but popping in for something on the go is a great idea. 

Raise your hands if you have a sweet tooth.

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