Tuesday 27 January 2015

Beauty Resolutions - Conquering Winged Liner

Hi Everyone,
I'm Meg, and I blog over at Meg's Makeup Bag. I have the pleasure of being Jenn's Canadian Beauty Bloggers Guest Poster this month. I've been a long time reader of Jenn's blog, so I'm thrilled to be posting here today. 

This month, the theme for the guest posts was 'Beauty Resolutions.' When I saw this topic, I immediately knew what I was going to write about, learning how to do winged eyeliner! I've always loved the look of a little winged liner, but it's something I've tried a couple of times, got annoyed and gave up. 

So for 2015, my goal is to figure out this whole winged liner deal! In preparation to conquer the winged liner, I raided my makeup collection and found that I have a ton of liquid liners, despite rarely every using them. This made me realize that my resolution should probably be two-fold, 1) learn winged liner 2) use the products I already own. 

In the depths of my stash, I pulled out 5 products that will hopefully help me figure out winged liner this year. The Rimmel ScandalEyes Precision Micro Eyeliner has a super fine tiny tip, which should make drawing the flick a little easier. The Bourjois Intuitive Liner which has instead of a solid tip, has 3 mini tips and claims to make lining along the lash line easier. The Maybelline Master Precise Liner is traditional winged liner, I figure you can't go wrong with the classic! Finally, my go to liner when I do line my eyes is the Make Up For Ever Professional Aqua Eyes
Based on all the YouTube videos I've watched, I feel like the the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and Powder combo will be essential to touch up all my mistakes. Last but not least are the Post-it Note Flags, I'm not sure if these will actually be useful or not, but some people seem to like them for getting a good flick, so why not give them a try!

So there you have it! My 2015 Beauty Resolution, and the products that will hopefully help me achieve it. 

If you have any suggestions for products or techniques that you like to use for winged liner, leave them in the comments below! Any help on this quest would be greatly appreciated. 
Big thanks to Jenn for letting me guest post on her amazing blog! 


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