Thursday 27 March 2014

PSA: Just Be Natural?

What's all this about parabens? About silicons? Mineral oils? Phyto-butyl-isomer-whatsitsnames? Whatever x-rated chemical making its way around the blogosphere to watch out for? Reviews popping up warning me of baldness, skin aberrations or worst, cancer (and we don't joke about cancer ladies). Instantly, I was scared.

There were things I didn't know about the chemicals in my beauty products. Those pretty products sitting on my dresser, in my shower, on my desk, which I use everyday, which people are saying could slowly slowly kill me. I was scared with the blinding fear that only googling for answers could assuage and with the sort of interest that produces binge wikipedia sessions with information gleaned but forgotten by next week. My attention was rapt with a tunnelled focus that clouds the fact that there are other pressing issues going on in the world (Is Ukraine doing better?).

Well, I read up on parabens, and I read up on silicones and I read up on a few other things (ooo so that's what Nihilism is...sounds about right..) and I decided to take the middle road. It seems to me, that everything out there could potentially kill me. Though forewarned and armed is the better approach, I still haven't invested enough mental energy into figuring out where I should or could go natural and what 'natural' even really means aside from a blanket market euphemism for all things good. That being said, one place I've made an easy switch is with my shampoo.

I've been using the Live Clean Fresh Water Moisturizing Shampoo and since that's coming to an end, I took a trip through Winner's natural aisle and picked up a HUGE bottle of A'kin Rice Aminos and Wheat Protein Shampoo. Both do the job and have momentarily appeased my fears of nasty chemicals. They even have handy little markety logos assuring me of their non-bad-chemicalliness. And with words like purity, vegan, and botantical, I really can't go wrong, right? I might not be fighting off those carcinogens anytime fast but for now...I'm making my way there without forgetting to breathe nor becoming too focused on all the ways I make bad ingredient choices. I'm even toying with the idea of trying natural deodorants but my preference of not stinking or sweating is a bit too strong.

It could be that all the worry and fuss is for naught. Evidence against certain chemicals isn't always strong. Conclusions are easily reached and presented with hazard signs and glowing lights by the media. So though it may not be the most informed life decision, switch to 'better' shampoos was an easy one to make, and one I'm comfortable making for now.

Let's discuss! How important is it to you, to use non-(insert ingredient of choice)/"natural" products? Do you half-ass it like me? or is it your life philosophy? 

Daily Zen: So I went and got another assessment at a gym and it turns out, I"m pretty much back where I started after working out for a year. I blame my binge eating of...well...everything.. le sigh. slightly disappointed in myself..

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