Saturday 29 March 2014

Flexitol's Intense Hydrating Lotion, Heel Magic, Very Dry Skin Cream and Get Ready for Spring Skincare Kit Giveaway

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flexitol heel magic and intense hydration lotion review

Let's be honest, like you, I'm draw to pretty packaging. But at the end of the day, I'm more likely to repurchase and use products that actually work, regardless of how they look. When it comes to intense skin hydration, taking care of my heels and legs are one area where product quality will always trump product appearance.

flexitol heel magic and intense hydration lotion review

I've been pretty dedicated to my Glysomed Hand Cream for my heels. It's the only thing to really get rid of my fashionable cracked and dried heel look. Not wanting to be a total slave to one brand, finding other heel options is always on my mind. 

Flexitol's Heel Magic ($15CDN) stick formula promises heel hydration in as little as 3 days of morning and night use. 3 DAYS! This blend of shea butter, olive oil, lanoline and coconut oil is pretty promising. I saw results after one overnight application and I've been using it since. This stuff is actually sort of really awesome. If it's cold in your room, it does leave a slightly tacky film on your heels but the results are so good, I can live with that. If your room is warmer, it smooths on like a thick lotion. The cracks and dried areas of my heels are mostly gone and its day 4 of use.

flexitol heel magic and intense hydration lotion review

 My legs could also do with a bit of lotion-ing up. Flexitol's Intense Hydrating Lotion ($13CDN) is a non-greasy quick absorbing lotion doesn't have much of a scent. It sort of reminds me of how the Glysomed hand cream smells. The formula is not too thick but not think either. It smooths on and absorbs easily into the skin. When I used this, I realized it would be good for my brother's legs too. I'll have to make sure to save him some (or tell him to buy his own). His legs are pretty gross......for serious...get him help already. I would say this stuff is comparable but maybe slightly better than most drugstore moisturizers.

There's also the Flexitol Very Dry Skin Cream ($13CDN). I've been using this on a super dry patch on my shoulder which has been cracked for months. Its actually doing something on that patch of skin which I'm pretty thankful for. If you have some really bad dry patches, this might work for you as well.

I haven't heard much about this Australian brand until now and thankfully the products are easily located at Shoppers, Walmart, Jean Coutu or London Drugs. You can learn more about these and other Flexitol products here. It looks like they have a solid range for any dry skin woes but I seriously SERIOUSLY recommend the heel balm, tacky feelings aside.

The Flexitol Spring Skincare Giveaway

This giveaway is open for 2 weeks to Canadians only. Some of the other Canadian Beauty Blogger ladies will also be holding this giveaway. No individual will be allowed to win more than one of these giveaways but you are free to enter them all.

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