Thursday 13 March 2014

Dior Fusion Mono Matte Eyeshadow: Celeste

Oh Dior, you captured me so intensely when I tried your addict gloss last year. And now I attempt to resist the charms of your seasonal collections. Sometimes I fail and end up with a new eyeshadow but I know you will never let me down.

dior fusion mono matte eyeshadow celeste swatch review

I always feel like pastels are harding to work with. There's something about the white base that translates to patch-ness with even the smoothest products. They also don't really work well with my light-medium skintone, or at least, I haven't gotten the guts to cut away from my neutral browns to really test out pastels in all their glory. You can decorate my house in pastels, give me pastel colored baked goods or even pastel paints to work with but..I haven't yet really embraced them in my makeup wardrobe.

Enter Dior's Fusion Mono eyeshadow in Celeste!

When I saw this at Shoppers, there was a power struggle between it and one of the glosses to see which would end up in my shopping basket. I had actually purchased a gloss but later changed my mind and got this instead.

dior fusion mono matte eyeshadow celeste swatch review

Look at that pastel purple!! The product even comes with a brush guys! A BRUSH THAT WORKS! AND IS COLLAPSIBLE! The product has a very interested putty/mouse texture that necessitates working with a stiffer brush.  I couldn't stop pushing my fingers into it at the store, thus contaminating it for everyone who would touch it later but I didn't care! You can apply it with your fingers for a sheer finish, or dry/wet with the brush for more intensity.

dior fusion mono matte eyeshadow celeste swatch review

Here I applied it wet on the inner portion of my eyes. It instantly brighten up my look and was SO spring. For seriously. Flowers and light and gaiety. 

dior fusion mono matte eyeshadow celeste swatch review

God. I just love this color! It can be a little unforgiving if you have some dry flakes on your eyes but I love the way it looks and I'm quite happy to add this to my very small but growing Dior collection.

What is inspiring your Spring looks? Pick up anything from Spring collections?

Daily Zen: I was on a bit of a vegan/vegetarian kick a few weekends back. I tried out the Vegan Ribwich at Disgraceland, the Un-Chicken and Waffles at Hogtown Vegan (with Steph and Vanessa) and the Magic Square and Sausage Roll at Apiecalypse Now. They were all quite good and definitely worth checking out!

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