Saturday 1 March 2014

Calling All Canadian Beauty Bloggers!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm really happy to bring you this announcement that I am teaming up with 16 other wonderful Canadian Beauty Bloggers to launch the Canadian Beauty Bloggers website!

We are 17 bloggers hoping to help connect other Canadian beauty bloggers and to build a network where we can learn from each other and improve our blogging skills. We're thinking of featuring more Canadian bloggers so please connect with us via Twitter using the #bbloggersCA hashtag or by sending us an email. It's been really fun working with these ladies and I'm super excited about being part of this group.

Say hello to the other members!
From East to West we have:

Natalie Heather Davis from Ivory Avenue

Nova Scotia
Zoe from Writing Whimsy 

Cassandra Turcotte from Exquisitely Chic
Chantal Halley from Chantal's Corner
Chelsey Thornton from My Beauty Full Adventure
Jenn Aqui from Scarlet Beauty
Jenn Fong fromA Beautiful Zen
Julie Martinson from Swatch and Review
Kalyn Lord from Kalyn Lord
Laura Herchel from Beyond Blush
Megan Joy from Megan Joy
Nicole Treston from Nicole About Town
Stephanie Lau from Fun Sized Beauty

Beautiful BC (sorry...biased)
Jasmine Li from The Happy Sloths
Jayne Lim from Cosmetic Proof
Jordana Mah from Just J
Sarah Merchant from Workaday Ramblings


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