Tuesday 11 March 2014

MUA Blushes: Candyfloss, Marshmallow, Lolly and Cupcake

Thank you to Daphne and Vanessa for being enablers.

mua blush swatches and review candyfloss marshmallow lolly cupcake

mua blush swatches and review candyfloss marshmallow lolly cupcake
Candyfloss, Marshmallow, Lolly and Cupcake
I couldn't really help myself when Vanessa told me she was doing some UK hauling via Daphne. There I was frantically browsing through Superdrug, pilling things into the shopping cart until a little voice reminded me about my resolutions. Well, "less but better" had to take a bit of a compromise here. At 1£ (that's suppose to be a pound sign, can someone please teach me how to type that symbol on my Mac?) each and with the promise of good pigmentation and blendable, I figured, eh what the hell.

Well, ladies and gentlement, I'm happy to report that you can have more AND better (uh oh..)! I picked up four colors and the pigmentation and blendability of these babies are something for 1£! A slight dab into the pan is all I need and swish-swish the color glides on my cheeks easily and lasts for the day.

mua blush swatches and review candyfloss marshmallow lolly cupcake

For the price, these are highly recommended. Hells, I picked up four, but buy all six colors and you've got a good enough blush wardrobe in my opinion! Granted, if you're not located in the UK, these may be hard to come by BUT hopefully if you ever make your way there, you'll remember to pay these a visit at the drugstore.

What are you super inexpensive products that suprised you with their quality?

Daily Zen: If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll know that I made the mistake of watching the first episode of Boys Over Flowers on DramaFever. I don't know what sugar or MSG korean TV producers put on their screen but that shiz is addictive. Regardless of how daft I think the characters are and how little I can stand their unbelievable stories lines, I had to tell David when Jun Pyo texted Jan Di that he loved her. DAWWWWW!!!! (Yes, even I make myself a little sick...)

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