Saturday 20 August 2016

Color Correcting, Getting on Board (ft. Dior Fix-It Color Correctors*)

Same formula as the Dior Fix-It  primer/concealer do-dads but now in color correcting shades! 

Dior has launched the Dior Fix-It Color Correctors ($45CDN). While I think color correcting is secretly another option for concealing (and one I haven't really care to start figure out) I wanted to try these since I new I liked the formula.  

These are supposed to filter skin texture and color in one step. The core has the same soft focus agents to blur skin texture and smooth imperfections. 

Apricot: Brings warmth to dull skin tones, reduces dark spots and hyper pigmentation, and tones down appearance of olive-toned dark circles. Ideal for dark skin tones.

Green: Neutralizes redness due to heating, visible blood vessels or blemishes.
Yellow: Erases plum-tinged discolouration (dark circles under the eyes, blood vessels) and revives the bluish tone of the lips that can alter the color for lipstick. Recommended for lighter skin tones.

Of the three, Green and Yellow make the most sense for my skin. Yellow has been great for brightening the under eye. The photos below show the difference this seemingly thin pigment can make.

Overall, I'm a bigger fan of these than fluid based correctors. I knew I already liked the formula. I don't like layering fluid upon fluid. These dry down quickly to powder and you can just step out with these if you want a super bare face. These are a product with an impact greater than its size.

Color correcting, are you into it?


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