Wednesday 31 August 2016

Bad Ass Lip Creams (ft. NYX Cosmic Metal Lip Creams)

NYX has got to be the brand of every creative makeup artist's dreams. Amazing, alternative colors at drugstore prices, experimentation and personality doesn't have to come at a cost. I can't believe the stuff they release and its all so awesome! The NYX Cosmic Metal Lip Creams ($10CD ) are such a "there goes NYX again" item.  Gorgeous colors can't help but dragged you from the doldrums of your nudes and push you to show off your most badass self.

The Cosmic Metals give intense color in a glistening gloss. The formula is creamy with a full color finish that does not allow for anything other than attention grabbing pigment. Not only a metallic finished cream, the formula is amplified with microglitter to give wear-sunglass-at-night level shine. Your lips can now be more bling than your grill.

Instagram ready colors don't come without maintenance. A lot comes out of the doe foot applicator and precision is necessary. The gloss moves around if too much is applied and I haven't figured out how to eat without getting it everywhere, best to wipe off and reapply. 

We all may not be ready to wear these full on, and there is no turning down the volume. Its full on, or nothing with these babies. Dabbing them on the center lip over lipstick has been a more everyday way to incorporate these into your non-runway life. 

I wore Solar Energy (straight up orange) over top NYX Blood Love matte lipstick and the effect was quite nice!

The Cosmic Metal Lip Creams are a completely fun, and crazy product not made for the shy. They take some make up lover patience to use but are unique and exciting to try out. Go into store, pick something different and see how you feel with metallic green lips for the day. You might even like it.


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