Saturday 27 August 2016

Currently Reading #10: Best Magazines to Read

I love me a good book but David and I had access to a magazine subscription deal and out of all the options we chose these for a good mix of everyday and cultural needs. 

Not-for-profit journalism on Canadian issues

This quarterly magazine, produced by The Walrus Foundation, is Canada's closest answer to The New Yorker that I know of. Current events journalistic pieces smattered with interviews, expository essays and one short story, the items in The Walrus are a always well written and thoughtful. It is smart, relevant and Canadian. What's more, the foundation hosts talks on important issues in various Canadian cities. Read it and get more well rounded.

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The latest fashion, beauty and celebrity news.

I don't even need to describe this. For my fashion choice, it was between this and Vanity Fair. Both are a higher breed of fashion digest with a good pulse on aesthetic culture and real content. You won't find Hilary Clinton interviewed in Instyle or Loulou, highly consumer focused publications, but you will find her in Vogue.

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A food and lifestyle journal that explores a theme through essays, art, photography, recipes, and original video content.

Lucky Peach is a quarterly publication that has been the most amazing find this year. Edited by David Chang of Momofuku, this is food journalism at it most creative and interesting. Yes I would love the world broken up into latitudes with a different cultural breakfast featured at every degree. Pictorals, photo journalism and essays written about food by people experiencing food this is no "best-of recipes" magazine and not so high brow as to be pretentious. Wouldn't you want to read about a burrito vs. pizza smackdown?

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Current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, and politics

I used to read Popular Science but that became too...popsci for me. Wired keeps things cool and current however I have noticed a sliding in quality, especially the online site which has more clickbait than I've seen in a long time. Even so, even so, I can learn about Google's latest inventions, the coolest new vaccum and the tech and science behind it all. Wired is written with geek-turned-cool sarcastic humor in digestible pieces often in photoessay or infographic style.

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What are your magazine picks?


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