Thursday 11 December 2014

Miracle10 Skincare and My First Facial Peel

miracle10 skincare and peel review cleanser I toner aha cream light serum spf 30 face lotion ingredients

During the Miracle10 event I attended in November, we were asked to take their 10 Day Challenge. After a facial peel ( about that... lol) and use of their skincare line, Miracle10 promises noticeable smoothness and clarity in 10 hours, improved discoloration and dullness in 10 days, and diminished wrinkles and pore size in 10 weeks.

miracle10 skincare and peel review cleanser I toner aha cream light serum spf 30 face lotion ingredients

Facial Peel Experience 
I've never had one and apparently they run for $120 each. Not for the faint of wallet. The process was similar to a facial except there was the scary portion where the aesthetician used a blade to dermaplane my face. This was followed by the chemical peel. 

This was the first time I've been dermaplaned. A surgical knife blade was used to remove the top layer of my skin (that sounds awful, IT DIDN'T HURT. Don't worry). It also helped push the sebum out of my pores and I got a nice face "wax" as a side benefit (your facial fuzz gets shaves). I readily agreed while being fearful. She moves the blade lighlty over your entire face and it feels the same as someone writing on your skin with pen.

Miracle10 uses one of three acid options for their peels. Lactic acid is for sensitive or beginner skin. Glycolic is for regular clients. Salicylic is for people with acne. As a beginner, I used Lactic and even then, there was a definite burning, tingly feeling. In the first moments I really wanted to get it removed but I endured the two minutes and it faded slightly. Then followed a cooling mask, dry ice (to kill bacteria) and sunscreen application.

After the peel, my skin's texture and brightness was immediately changed. It was amazingly smooth and noticeably brighter (which makes did just take the top layer off). I can almost understand why people pay so much for this service.

miracle10 skincare and peel review cleanser I toner aha cream light serum spf 30 face lotion ingredients

Following the appointment, I started on their regime of Cleanser I, Toner, Light Serum, SPF 30 in the day and AHA Cream at night.

Cleanser I ($36, 120ml): This gel cleanser foams very lightly and doesn't leave my skin tight or dry. It is supposed to clean pores and rejuvenate skin while hydrating with extracts like Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and E. This was good but it wasn't a favorite. I didn't prefer the consistency but it does the job and I have no real complaints. It's very mild.

Toner ($34, 120ml): The delicate/dry skin regime has a toner which contains Witch Hazel. I'm not sure why since it can tighten the skin (but offers anti-inflammation properties as well). It wasn't anything special but did have a nice sweet, minty scent. It might have been slightly drying to my skin,  though it contains Aloe and Hyluronic Acid.

Light Serum ($69, 50ml): This has a rather unpleasant plastic orange scent which I tried to reconceptualize to encourage use. That didn't work. There's lots of slip from 'cones and it takes a while to sink in. It is supposed to hydrate, firm and tone the skin.

SPF 30 Face Lotion ($52, 50ml)
: This has a gently sweet scent I can't place; it doesn't smell like sunscreen. The dry-touch formula is not matte, like Clarins' UV Plus, but satin. The finish makes this notable and it doesn't pill under makeup. It is thick, slightly heavy on the face and might not be moisturizing enough for this season.

AHA Cream ($64, 50ml): This is the real star of the show. This Lactic Acid exfoliant helps maintain the brightness from the peel and helps diminish pores size. When I apply it, there is a very very very  slight tingle (which I may be imagining). In the morning, my skin is always soft. The cream is light-medium in weigh, smooths over easily and has a lavender scent.

miracle10 skincare and peel review cleanser I toner aha cream light serum spf 30 face lotion ingredients

miracle10 skincare and peel review cleanser I toner aha cream light serum spf 30 face lotion ingredients

I am pleased with the peel procedure and generally OK with the products. After 10 days, my skin went through a mild purging process but still feels smooth, and some of the brightness remains. However, this regime wasn't moisturizing enough for me, especially since it's designed for delicate/dry skin. I can't tell if the results after 10 days are the remnants of the peel or from consistent product use. I may continue on with it but have started including my Dermalogica Skin Hydration Booster when I saw my slight dryness wasn't being alleviated.

If your wallet can handle it, I would suggest trying a facial peel. As for the products, I'm not inclined to continue with the light serum. I'm not a fan of its texture or scent but I'm going to try and stick with it. The face lotion is good but it's heavy without giving the moisture I need now and might be better suited for the spring or fall. I am a fan of the AHA cream though. 

Wow that was long. Thanks for sticking with me.

Daily Zen: For those of you who are fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender... I think this is a life necessity. I've already sent a note to David saying "Someone needs to get this for me ASAP!" (Edit: David has just informed me that "[he's] bought me an Appa" EEEEEE!!!!!! 

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