Wednesday 10 December 2014

Jenn does Jen's Face

In the first part of the Jenn and Jen collab, we made you play "Jenn or Jen?" In this second portion, we though it would be fun to do our makeup on the other's face. So Jen's going to look like me, and on her blog, I'm going to look like Jen. It also gave me a chance to put makeup on someone else for the first time which is surprisingly harder than you think.

If you want to see Jen put her makeup on me, click on over!

In this video:
- You see us without makeup.
- I skip over the 5 mins it took to do Jen's eyebrows.
- I laugh a lot at my own ineptitude and may have insulted Jen at least three times.
- You learn how I do my make up.

Answers to "Jenn or Jen Round One" (highlight to reveal)
Bag Contents: Jen M, Jenn F
Eyeshadow: Jenn F, Jen M


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