Tuesday 29 July 2014

Video: Wardrobe Overhaul

You asked for it...a 2 min fashion video...of the things I bought recently...HOW CAN YOU RESIST?!?! (pssst remember to watch in HD).

Have a few laughs on me...as I make a fool out of myself.

In this video I:
- dance around in clothes 

- I meant Yohji Yamamoto, not Yoshi. 
- And I forgot to give a shout out to the homeboy, Rad Hourani. How could I forget you Rad...how could I?
- it's really hard to say "Ann Demeulemeester" but I love her anyways..even if she decided to leave her label.
- if this seems excessive, that's because it is, shopping when you get a major pay raise is not for the faint of heart.

SPECIAL THANKS TO VANESSA who shot the lookbook portion and slaved over her camera for me. Another post featuring her awesome photography will come up soon.

Enjoy the video. Watch responsibly.


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