Wednesday 23 April 2014

Quick Post: Versatile Blogger Award

Well, Shelby from Biffsquiggled nominated me for a the Versatile Award. Easy enough, its just 7 things about myself so here's a quick mid-day words only post.

1) I have wide feet. It sucks for buying shoes.
2) I'm hella excited about the Alexander Wang x H&M collab coming out in Nov.
3) My "I've had a bad eating day" dinner is two eggs and lots of greens.
4) I have a stuffed giraffe named Martin and a stuffed bunny named Worry Bunny.
5) I can't say no to sweet things. I joke I have a hollow leg that allows space for dessert.
6) I'm loving the opening sequence from "True Detective".
7) The Man Repeller is awesome. The writing tone is what I not so secretly aspire for with this blog. Still working on it.

Tell me one weird/interesting/whatever thing about yourself.


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