Saturday 15 February 2014

Mask Roundup (Sense, Vedette, Missha)

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

I have to admit that reading masks posts aren't always that interesting but I'm going to keep doing them since I've found them useful when I've had to make a purchasing decision. So if you don't's a round up of five.

Sense blanc balance mask vedette whitening green tea mask vedette fresh fruit lemon facial mask review

Sense Blanc Balance Mask
Well....this is a fail right off the bat since I can't find the little sticky with my notes on it. Anyways, this mask is suppose to be good for moisture and brightening. I guess it didn't leave too much of an impression since nothing is really popping into my head...(sorry haha)

Vedette Whitening Mask Green Tea
This is suppose to be good for all skin types, to protecting and maintain smooth healthy skin and the antioxidants in the green tea reduce aging due to UV damage. Again, I'm quite surprised by the quality of Vedette masks. If you're ever in Vietnam, I suggest you pick some up because they are SO cheap. Like, less than $1 each. The cotton is thick, and soaked with essence. The fit was good and there was a pleasant smell of green tea. It felt very moisturizing.

Vedette Fresh Fruit Lemon Facial Mask
This mask is suppose to be moisturizing and to help maintain firm and soft skin. The fit was ok here. The eye holes could have been a bit bigger but it was amazingly moist. There was LOTS of essence and the cotton was very soft and thick. Fruit extracts are the third ingredient on the list! And there aren't a lot of ingredients either...Ok I'm going to have to see if I can get Vedette masks off Ebay.

missha pure source sheet mask sea kelp review

Missha Pure Source Sea Kelp Sheet Mask
This mask was good. It's supposed to nourish and clear impurities from your skin. The fit was OK and the mask had quite a lot of essence in it. The mask had a strong aloe scent to it which was quite fresh smelling. Otherwise, nothing really wow-ed me here. 

miissha pure source honey sheet mask review

Missha Pure Source Honey Sheet Mask 
This mask is suppose to make your fatigued skin firm, glowing and moisturized. It has a strong honey scent which was pleasant. The fit of the mask wasn't that great and there was a slight tingling sensation when I applied the mask to my face. The sheet is very thick and the essence was quite watery. I felt like my skin absorbed the essence really quickly and the sheet felt dry quite quickly. I would have preferred a more gel like essense but that could be backwards thinking if the gel doesn't absorb as quickly as this essense. Not bad but the fit sort of deters me from picking this up again. 

So there you go, five masks from my stash that I've used up. I still have SO many more to use. I know I'm suppose to use these multiple times a week but I barely remember to use it once a week. I have to be better at that.

How often do you use sheet masks? What types of masks do you usually get? 

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