Thursday 19 December 2013

Kilian: The Art of Seduction in a Perfume

More and more I seem to be getting into perfumes. At least, that's what the small pile of perfume samples on my desk seem to be telling me. A stroll through Holts introduced me to a seductive brand and I was very intrigued to say the least.

Janet, the brand ambassador for Kilian at the Holts on Bloor did a lovely job introducing Kilian and his brand to me. As heir to a cognac empire, Kilian Hennessy decided to forsake his family tradition to train in the world of perfumery. After working in various perfume houses, he finally launched his own brand which exemplifies elegance and luxury. 

Kilian currently has a few lines. L'Oeuvre Noire is an explicit display of luxury as it contains the highest quality and most expensive scents currently available. The scents in this collection revolve around themes of temptation and love. From this line, I picked up a sample of Love Don't be Shy and Back to Black: Aphrodisiac

Love: Don't be Shy is an oriental scent which has notes of neroli, bergamot, rose, jasmine, musk, and vanilla. Back to Black: Aphrodisiac is a oriental woody scent with notes of honey, wood, tobacco, saffron and a hint of raspberry. I wore this to work a few times and I definitely thought it had a sensual nature.

From the In the Garden of Good and Evil line I picked up a sample of Forbidden Games. Janet explained to me that this line is more wearable and accessible to the everyday person. It has notes that are lighter and often found in perfumes. The scents are themed on the idea that angelic things can hide secret perils and carnal sins. Forbidden Games is a floral fruity gourmand scent. It has notes of apple, peach, plum, bourbon and vanilla. You will smell practically edible.

I'm not going to lie. Buying one of these will set you back a small fortune ($237 for 1.7oz) and though the 1oz and 1.7oz bottles are refillable and come in amazing cases and carved glass bottles (much like a good bottle of cognac would) this is not a purchase to be taken lightly. Still, I can't help but admit there is something amazingly seductive about the concept and not to mention the scents. Janet went so far as to say, that more than a few scents were envisioned for the bedroom.

It's true that at this price point, I won't be rushing to snap one up. This is a type of luxury I can't bring myself to afford. But, I will admit that there is something powerful in the way these scents will make you feel and the brand definitely has enough of a range that you will fall in love with one of them. Considering the fact that I think that Agent Provocateur lingerie, a similar luxury good, would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe, I wouldn't be too surprised if I went for a bottle somewhere down the road.

Do you believe in the power of seduction? Or does that type of romanticism have no sway with you?

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