Tuesday 3 December 2013

5 Minute Face

We can't all be perfect go-getters in the morning. Sometimes a late or restless night results in a bit of oversleeping and when the alarm goes off, you're morning turns into a tornado of activity as you rush out the door. 

This doesn't happen to me too frequently but last friday I found myself in such a situation. As I brushed my teeth in my bathrobe while packing my bag and lunch for the day and thinking about my outfit, I thought, "Oh god, I still need to do my makeup."

Enter my 5 minute face.

In 5 minutes, I really don't want to be messing with cream or liquid foundations. Usually I'll pull out whatever powder I have and slap that on with a brush. My old steady MAC Careblend Pressed Powder is great for this purpose. I'll usually try and squeeze a little bit of concealer (Make Up For Ever Full Cover #7) and dab that quickly under my eyes without stabbing them out.

Next eyebrows and liner are musts haves! I make quick work of it with the Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Pencil #4. There's not time to be fooling with powders or liquid products here either. And I'll reach in quickly to the eyeliner stash and hope that a neutral comes out (I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero). I can usually stop here but if I think I've got a few more seconds, I might risk going over time by whipping on some neutral blush like Tarte's Exposed.

dior addict millie tarte exposed

Finally, a quick gather of my belongings and a stuffing of feet into shoes and arms into jacket sleeves will have me flinging myself out the door and down the street. Hopefully there's a lipstick in my bag which I can use on the streetcar. A rummage through my bag last friday revealed the Dior Addict Lipstick in Millie

I can actually put this face off in 5 minutes which is amazing.

What is your 5 minute face?

Daily Zen: Did you guys manage to get anything awesome during Black Friday/Cyber Monday? I ended up picking up some Volupsa candles from Chapters online and was pretty indecisive about getting a fitness journal (FitBook)....still waffling about it.

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