Thursday 4 April 2013

Review: Got2B Rockin' It Dry Shampoo

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

I swear, this bottle has a billion things written on it. I was looking for a dry shampoo since I end up washing my hair at irregular intervals if I'm going to the gym. Let's see how this one works.

Sometimes I'll wash my hair early in the morning but won't be able to do so till late at night the next day. Unfortunately my hair can get a little oily the next morning so dry shampoos are really great for dealing with that. They help refresh your hair and your hairstyle by mattifying the oils and adding a little bit of volume. You spray some into sections of your hair, work it through with your fingers and comb the excess out. Who ever invented dry shampoo was a genius.

I read some reviews of this product before I bought it so I was already aware of all the downsides. Some people have issues of it running out after two uses or the nozzle would jam on them. One particular reviewer on Makeupalley suggested that this product was only worth it if you found it on sale which was exactly how I ended up buying it lol. I had never used dry shampoo before so wasn't sure if it would work out for me. When Zellers was clearing out its merchandise I managed to find this bottle for $4. Not a bad  price to try something out.

Most dry shampoos dispense a white powder out of the spray can. This one is no different andI don't find the white color to overpowering. If you spray too much in one area your hair does look slightly grey but a quick brush through with a comb sort of solves this issue. 

Yes, the spray can jams. I experienced this probably the 2nd time using it. I also heard a faint hissing noise and figured out that when it jams it's actually dispensing out the powder very very finely (which could account for people who end up with empty cans after a few uses). The way to solve this issue is to to run the nozzle in some warm water, wipe it off, and press the nozzle once. I find that doing this sort of 'resets' everything and it works normally the next time I use it (until it jams again).

It does a good job at eliminating the grease from my hair. I wouldn't use this two day straight though because it makes my head just a little bit itchy. Don't get too heavy handed with it either. I lift up bits of hair that need attention and spray it quickly and with a sweeping motion. Another downside is the overwhelming smell. It lingers for a long time around you and you can't really escape it. It smells like any other hairspray and isn't very pleasant. All in all, I'm probably going to bring this on my trip to finish it up but wouldn't repurchase it (unless I find it on sale again). I have a feeling that there may be some days when I'll be too busy to wash my hair thoroughly so this will be a good solution to that.

Buy it if:
It's on sale and you want to try dry shampoo
You don't mind the finicky nozzle

Don't buy it if:
You know you like dry shampoos
Are sensitive to smells


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