Wednesday 11 January 2017

Nexxus, Kerastase and Shu Uemura: Winter Hair Options to Protect, Reconstruct or Thicken

Nexxus Emergencee, Shu Uemura Urban Moisture, Kerastase Densifique review
Toronto taught me that dry hair is a real affliction. Until I lived there, I never gave my hair a second thought. The wonderful temperate climate of Vancouver keep my hair tamed and generally "regular". The near-Siberian temperatures of Toronto had me battling static fly-aways and brittle strands. I never knew I had to care for my hair until I lived a winter in TO and tried this and this to solve my problems. So if you are in that situation, consider these three options to protect, reconstruct or thicken your hair in crisis.

Kerastase Densifique review

Kerastase Densifique Collection*
Product line: Fondant Densité* ($49CDN), Bain Densité* ($44CDN), Mousse Densimorphose* ($44CDN) and Masque Densité ($66CDN, not shown)
Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, gluco-peptide, and ceramides
Intended results: Thicker, fuller hair, more supple and less prone to breakage

Experience: The shampoo lathers so nicely and was really creamy. The line has a floral scent. Though I strengthen my hair slightly, I didn't feel like it gave as strong a performance as the Nexxus line below. It does give some volume though.

Nexxus Emergencee Reconstructing Hair Product Review

Nexxus Emergencée Reconstructive System*
Product line: Pre-constructing Treatment*, Rebalancing Shampoo*, Restoring Conditioning* ($15CDN each)
Key ingredients: Marine Collagen, concentrated Elastin proteins
Intended results: Rebuild hair proteins making hair stronger and more resilient. 

Experience: There is a process to using this; shampoo, treat (leave on for 5 mins), shampoo and condition. You only have to treat once a week so its not cumbersome and you do feel like your strands are stronger. At a drugstore price, this is worth considering if you have some seriously damaged hair and the scent is quite nice too.

Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Hydro-nourishing Review

Shu Uemura Urban Moisture*
Product line: Shampoo* ($46CDN), Conditioner* ($56CDN), Treatment* ($66CDN), Double Serum* ($50CDN)
Key ingredients: Moringa extract and Red Micro-Algae
Intended results: Softens and smooths dry hair, protecting it against future dryness, removing pollutants and stimulating cell regeneration

Experience: The shampoo has nearly the same oil texture of the Shu Cleansing Oil Shampoo but with more lather and less viscosity. I was going to dislike it for that reason but it rinses out cleaner and my hair is super soft the next day.


Overall the Shu was better than expected and the next day results are something to be pleased about. The Nexxus option is a great drugstore by for those who may be experiencing damaged hair. The Kerastase user experience was really pleasant and I did get some volume. I'm not sure its worth the price tag though. Of the three, I'd enjoy the Nexxus as a treatment and the Shu for everyday.

What are your winter hair salvation products?


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