Saturday 14 January 2017

Year of Decluttering: In Review and Final Numbers

I missed my third quarter decluttering review. By the time I realized this, I had mostly given up on controlling the makeup situation. But a nice reminder from the women's shelter that I donate to gave me energy to do a final push to get good unused and almost new items to ladies in need.

Still though, I won't say this project has been an all out success. Roadblocks kept me from really letting things go and at times I had spontaneous urges to just get rid of everything all at once. Neither are sustainable attitudes.


Brand/luxury: But its DIOR.
Fun colors: Maybe one day I'll use day I will use that green lipstick...
Past decisions: When I bought this, I REALLY wanted it. Now, it doesn't quite work but I can't let it go because I paid for it.
They're different: I swear these 5 shades of slightly different mauve, are just different enough.

Things I'm Still Learning:
I never use the things I didn't love to begin with. 
I don't actually use fun colors; I don't actually make creative looks
I need to have makeup, but I don't need to have it all.
I don't need things now. Can you please wait until you finish something?

Purging Regrets:
(Even though there are some regret, there is no good reason why I don't have something to replace these)
These Artdeco Shadows: the colors worked so well on the lids
Pur Minerals Epic Illusion Palette: this looks like, whatever, but it is so easy and useful. If I were braver, I could probably live off of this.

Overall, I can't say I regret much though I have technically decluttered the MUFE Flash and Lorac Pro Palettes and yet they are still sitting in a bag because I'm still not sure...

Final Numbers
(The Real Deal)

This chart only looks at some products per item. A palette is counted as 1 item, rather than 20 different eyeshadow items. Product Types in Bold are a sum of the un-bolded items and some items which are not shown.

Product TypeStartAcquired Since StartPurgedFinishNet Difference
Eyeshadow - Single14539301549
Eyeshadow - Palette283934335

In the end:
I acquired a total of 510 products (color makeup, nail related, perfumes and tools) this year and actually purged 498 products. 
91.6% of acquisitions were PR but only 46.2% of my remaining stash is from PR. 
I started with 712 products and ended with 733, a net increase of 21
Biggest decrease was in nails (net -28) and biggest increase was in the eye category (net +32). Lips (net +23) came in as a close second and face products were net +7 (with a surprising acquisition of 18 foundations this year. 18!!).

I don't think I didn't as badly as I thought but I was really hoping to make a greater dent. I'm not much worse than when I began and this has reaffirmed the obvious that allowing PR products increases the difficulty of removing items. The "Still Learning" items above seem even more true after taking a look at the numbers and its still very clear that eye products, especially shadows, are my major weakness. This year I did a slightly better job of not saying yes to every PR opportunity and this has help a little but I need to redouble my efforts if I really want to see change.

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