Sunday 18 October 2015

Smelling like a Man Redux

Gym rats know that there's nothing quite like the scent that comes after an intense workout. The not-so-faint aroma of a hard days work mixed in with the sweat from weight lifting, added onto the diffusion of everyone else's gym smells is...something. It smells like achievement! It smells like glory! It smells really need a shower. 

On some days, by the time I head off for my workout, I barely smell like the fresh lily I was that morning. Deodorant is on its last legs near the end of the day and though passable in polite company, it might not make it through an hour of sweating. And you know its bad when even you are making mental notes to wash those gym clothes post haste when you get home. 

I've already spoken about smelling like a man before. Since I've semi-move into David's place, am slowly starting up my gym routine again and am too lazy and frugal to have two deodorants (one at home, one at his place), I've been using what's on hand, and what's on hand at his place is a travel sized Speed Stick that I've commandeered for my own. 

Its truly odd to lift your arms up and suddenly get hit with a manly scent only to realize that the smell is emitted from you, and that it's being emitted from you because you're using a men's BO repellant. It's also truly odd to smell like a sweaty man after an intense gym workout. More than a few times, I've made a mental note to bring my deodorant from home but I haven't remembered and haven't bothered to buy a less ruggedly fragranced deodorant. 

There is the other option. David's Old Spice Pure Sport which actually makes him smell quite lovely but I fear the incongruence would just be too much. The Speed Stick is sometimes undetectable but the Old Spice is not.

I'm sure laziness will ultimately have the upper hand. This time I'm not intentionally trying to smelling like a man (unlike during my hunt for the perfect unisex perfume) but the experience has taught me there is a fine line between smelling like a man...and really smelling like man.

Have you ever used your partners deodorant?


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