Tuesday 6 October 2015

The Thing...in the Bathroom*

The Thing, in the bathroom, has found you.
It waits and comes out when you are gone. It waits and comes out, out of the pipes, out of the bathtub, into your home.
The Thing, in the bathroom, is learning about you.

It has found you by following a trail of green, by scraping itself along the sewer walls, by contorting its shape through the pipes; to try to get to you, the source of the green.
And when The Thing had found you, It saw you had power.
 It saw you were the Lord of Misrule. It smelled the patchouli, peppercorns and vanilla that perfumed your air. The scent has mingled in Its nostrils. The Thing...It wants power too.

It is learning more about you every day. It is watching you through the drain.
It hears you speak and It practices your language and The Thing, It knows about your minions.
It sees how the Nightwings shape shift; sometimes cold and hard, sometimes soft and dark. It sees how they are always by your side.

When you are gone, It drinks from their aloe and lime juice bodies.
When you are gone, It is learning to control them.

Beware, The Thing can almost reach you.
The Thing can almost even grab you.
But The Thing...It is patient.

But It is also almost ready.


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Daily Zen: Extra points if you can read the above in the same voice as Welcome to Nightvale.


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