Thursday 22 October 2015

Decisions with Annabelle

annabelle smokey nude stay sharp and brow show review

Even in the depths of my purge and de-clutter mindset, a new product still manages to take hold within my collection and some of the latest from Annabelle have kept a surprising grip on their place in my makeup drawer.
annabelle stay sharp and brow show review

Yes, yes, Stay Sharps. LOVE THEM, as I'm sure you are all aware but unfortunately the newest shade Taupe* was not smooth or creamy like all their other iterations. This one I let go of quite easily since it didn't perform. However, the Metallic Bronze* and Snow White* shades I kept.

*(EDIT) I made an error and thought the Taupe shade was a eye liner. Its actually a brow pencil hence the less creamy finish.

The Brow Show* pencil in Medium was a nice brow styler for a while but the chubbiness was slightly off putting and some individuals might want a finer pencil tip for their sparse eye brows. The highlighter end did amazing things for my brow arches though. A few swipes above and over my brow lines definitely added more prominence to my brow bone area. I almost wanted to keep this just to for the highlighter, it really does a great job, but my increasingly growing bunch of eye brow products told me it was time to be tough and I will be moving it onto a better home.

annabelle smokey nude stay sharp and brow show review swatch

annabelle smokey nude review swatch

I have more eyeshadow than a nation could use and have been very strongly decluttering this area of my collection but the Annabelle Smokey Nudes Palette ($13CDN) has been a serious challenge. I didn't expect to love this palette as much as I do since the Maybelline nudes palette was such a dud and I had low hopes for drug store neutral palettes in general. But instead of patchy low pigmented colors, I was met with 10 shades of natural shades in a expertly thought out variety of colors. 

annabelle smokey nude review swatch

The tutorial options they give you on the back work. Each shade goes on and blends well. The shadows don't give super dense pigment but a consistent wash of solid color even though each shade is quite light in tone. Even though I'm a huge fan of BAM pigmented eyeshadows, this palette has such wonderful versatility I wore it everyday for about a month and didn't get bored with the shades.

annabelle smokey nude review swatch

annabelle smokey nude review swatch

annabelle smokey nude review swatch

There's something quite special about that pale gold shadow. I don't have anything like it and that is only one of the reasons this palette is so hard to give up. Its super portable, ridiculously flattering, and the color options are perfectly composed. Even in my most strict moments of decluttering, I still haven't been able to give this away just yet and I'm looking forward to continually playing around some more with this palette.

Has a product really surprised you lately?

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