Thursday 8 October 2015

Clarins' Breakout Star for Fall*

Clarins is launching some new items this Fall and from the bunch I received there were a few standout items which ought to be tried, especially the Joli Rouge lipsticks.

Crayon Khol 10 True Violet ($26CDN, 1.05g) long-lasting eye pencil with brush is supposed to have an ultra soft texture producing an intense and long lasting precise line. The brush can be used for blending the color out. Unfortunately I found the pencil a little stiff and it took a few lines before I could line my eyes consistently. The result produced less opacity and vibrancy than I would have preferred and the brush was ineffectual in move the color once I had lined my eyes. This did crease onto my eye lid and eye shadow during the day.

Lipliner Pencil 03 Nude Rose* ($26CDN, 1.2g) is supposed to glide on and help improve lipstick hold and is formulated with jojoba oil. This did glide on my lips and the formula is of the creamier variety. It set and sat comfortable without drying my lips or accentuating dry areas or lines. 

Joli Rouge 743 Cherry Red* ($27CDN, 3.5g) moisturizing long-wearing lipstick is a rich creamy formula which produces intense color in a satin sheen finish. It is formulated with mango oil and organic samphire extract and promises 6 hours of moisturization and wear. 

I love this orange-red shade and it wore quite well during a 10hr day without touch up and through a number of greasy meals and tea breaks. After lunch there was still a wash of even color (though now a slightly sheered) and I didn't reapply for the rest of the day. After dinner there was only a stain left but though it had lost its glossiness and opacity, the color wasn't patchy and I didn't really feel the need to reapply. I only applied lip gloss once during the day and that late in the evening (past 6 hours) so the truly this lip color does live up to its 6hour claim in both regards is the real star for Fall.

Clarins provided a helpful chart for picking out which lip liner and Joli Rouge will best suite your skintone.

Ombre Matte 08 Heather* ($24CDN, 7g) cream to powder matte shadow performs well on its own without primer. I really do enjoy this formula. They feel slightly creamy (but never dry) in the pot and really do set as a powder. Even without a primer the color stays on for the majority of the day and didn't migrate. It did fade slightly since the Khol pencil was creasing into it when I wore the two together but in general I'm still a fan.

Of the bunch I'm quite enjoying the Joli Rouge and actually enjoy Clarin's wide range of lip products in general. They don't get as much immediate love as some other lip products but they are always comfortable to wear. The Ombre Matte is a great matte taupe shade and the lip liner performed well but unfortunately the Khol did not quite live up to its claims.


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