Monday 20 July 2015

Thoughts on Perfumes/Beauty at Home

I was taking a shower one day when I noticed how some of my clothes and robe still smelled like the concocation of perfumes I had worn for a few days that week.  Re-sniffing them reminded me of how much I love the scents I own and how I sometimes forget to put anything on.

ts hardly a disaster to go scent-less. My employer and their scent-free office zone would have probably preferred that I remained un-spritzed but I get so much enjoyment from catching a whiff of La Vie Est Belle or whatever else that I almost regret a missed opportunity to put something on. Standing there, naked in my bathroom, I called to mind Marilyn's "I only wear Chanel" statement and thought, why don't I just wear them at home too? 

My reaction to that thought was one of apprehension. Somehow I felt like I would "waste" a scent if I didn't wear it out and instead hoarded all the aroma molecules for myself at home. Then I thought again about how many perfumes I had and the pleasure I derived from each scent that it made some sense to enjoy them for myself even if others could not catch a bit of it too.

I pushed the thought experiment a little more and thought about my makeup. Wearing eyeshadow and creating color combinations gives me a lot of joy but at the end of the day, I just want to remove my face of makeup. Even so, my mind is constantly wondering how another color combination would work or my fingers are itching to try a new technique. The hassle of application and removal doesn't seem worth it unless I'm "going out" but why should that be? Rocaille Writes wrote a really great post on this topic that has stuck with me. Her lens on this came from a different origin but I think we're both touching on ideas about how/when/why we should enjoy the things we own and who we use makeup for. Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to applying a few drops of a perfume now and then after I step out of the shower.

What thinks you? Do you wear perfume/makeup for yourself? At home?


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