Sunday 19 July 2015

Life Lately: On Minimalism, Military Ducks and the Necessity of Chairs

You may already know this, I feel like I've been saying this repeatedly, but I'm permanently moving from Toronto to Vancouver at the end of July. The moving process is in its advanced stages and what once started out as the above living situation has since moved onto the below (I also just sold my coffee table a few minutes ago). With still weeks to go (at the time of writing) before my one way flight to Vancouver on the 29th, each new piece of furniture sold has been an amusing shuffle in living comfort and an experimentation on new boundaries of minimalism.

It has amused my friends to see how 'prepared' I am to move. At the end of June, I've started conversing with Vani to plan out my fridge contents.

Jenn: Hey dude, don't buy groceries the last weekend of July because I'm going to give you the rest of the food in my fridge and pantry.
Vani: It's not even July 1st! Hahah. You're already planning what to do with your food!
Jenn: I just want to get my ducks all lined up, is all.
Vani: Your ducks are more than lined up Jenn. They're in military marching formation.

This is true. I have to admit that I took another friend's advice to start selling my furniture now (told to me at the end of March) with much seriousness. Maybe too much. You don't know the regrets I've had about selling my chairs.  Even though my butt was firmly planted in a chair 9 to 5 for 5 days of the week, (a situation that has since ended at the time of posting) the lack of a firm seating at home is problematic. I'm lingering in a coffee shop right now only because the feeling of my butt on a seat and my back against something solid, in a wonderfully right-angled back-to-hip-to-knee, almost upside-down 4 shaped, body configuration is near godly and so damn comfortable.

My friends, to sit in a chair, is luxury. The soft cushiness of my mattress does not make for good back support. The lack of chairs has relegated me to lying on my mattress like a slothy fat pasha or adopting the very uncomfortable sieza kneeling position on my yoga mat. Sometimes I sit cross legged on the floor. Sometimes this gives me back pain. Moving has reminded me that I have delicate old lady bones and these bones are in need of solid seating solutions.

Anyways. Alls I'm saying is. Chairs....don't give them up unless you have to.
That is all.


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