Tuesday 14 July 2015

Force Mechanics for Lashes

Wiggle your flexible mascara brush head at me and my System One brain will nod in agreement, awed by how bendy that plastic is. Flip the spoolie up and down a bit and you'll almost fool me with your mascara pole dancing. But then my System Two brain kicks in and I'll wonder, what kind of lashes can exert enough force to bend the wand as advertised?

The amount of pressure needed to bend and push down a flexible mascara brush head isn't on the magnitude of moving elephants or lifting cars off trapped babies but it's probably more than the natural downward gravitational force of my lashes. Maybe these mascara wands aren't being marketed towards my specific degree of lash strength but I'm wondering who has such steel-grade lashes? Because my lashes keep falling out and I feel like they would have a solution for this, among other things. 

I do notice that my mascara wand might flex a little when I'm pushing it up against the very base of my lashes but at the end of the day, I'm still wiggling and manipulating the wand around my eye hairs so wand flexibility seems like the bonus features on DVD's, nice to look at but not integral for performance. Or maybe I'm wrong and there are some of you out there with cable-like lashes than can press right down on the brush head from root to tip of lash. Tell me if this is you, because your body is probably doing some other crazy superhero things that I'd like to know about.

What's up with mascara wand flexibility? Gimmick? 

Daily Zen: Melbourne decided to assign email address to their park trees so that citizens can report dangerous branches and other problems. What they also got, was a lot of love letters. Check it out.

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