Thursday 5 December 2013

The Problem with Candles: Candle Warmers and a Little Haul

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

I've recently discovered the joy of burning candles. But that joy comes with a bit of a problem. What do you do with the wax at the bottom once the wick has burned out?

I've tried the hot water method. You pour boiling water into the candle and the melted wax floats and hardens at the top. This works great and the wax is easily removed! But then I'm left with a ball of wax that I don't really know what to do with and I'm not really interested in buying a wick and trying to make a new candle. 

So in an effort to solve this issue (because you actually are left with a lot of wax from the 3-wick BBW candles once the wicks are toast), I took a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond to see what solutions they had. 

There I found, what is a basically, a hot plate from the brand Candle Warmers. It's advertised as a useful solution to 'burning' your scented candles without actually lighting the wick. Since I'm only left with a little bit of wax at the bottom of the jar, I thought this would be a perfect solution. I also hauled some Yankee Candle Tartes. I've never used this product before and I'm not entire sure what to do with it. I might put one into the empty candle jar and turn the Candle Warmer on.

original candle warmers review

I've tested the Candle Warmer with the remainder of a Fresh Balsam BBW Candle and I'm not sure it's the solution I'm looking for. The plate warms well enough so that the remaining wax turns liquid but the heat must be very mild since the scent is nowhere near as strong as if I were burning the candle. The scent isn't unoticeable but there is a definite decrease in strength. 

One potential positive is that it doesn't seem to melt the wax at the same rate as burning would. Even though I have so little left in the jar I burned it for a very long time and it didn't look like there was much of a difference. This option might actually work well for people who don't want too strong of a scent but are interested in trying scented candles. I would imagine that if the candle had been new, it would have taken a very very long time for the wax to melt though.

I'm on the fence about this....

Do you like scented candles? What do you do with the wax at the bottom?

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