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Marcelle Complete Correction CC Cream Review

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

When I purchased the Marcelle Daily Defence DD cream I also wanted to try out their CC cream. Check out my review for the Marcelle DD cream here. I've tested the CC cream out for a week or so, here are my thoughts.

marcelle complete correction CC cream light medium review swatch

marcelle complete correction CC cream light medium review swatch dd swatch comparison
For color comparison, the Marcelle CC cream is on the left, the DD cream is on the right.

The Marcelle Complete Correction CC Cream SPF 35 in light/medium is a cream product that reduces the appearance of dark spots and can be used as a makeup base or by itself. It has the same crazy list of benefits as the DD cream but instead of 10, this has 12! The list isn't completely identical but effectively they are. You can look the list on the DD Cream review. The additional 2 benefits are that this offers complete coverage and corrects and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots and imperfections. The CC cream is formulated with 24K pure gold which helps bring radiance to the skin and provides a more healthy skin tone.

marcelle complete correction CC cream light medium review swatch

marcelle complete correction CC cream review swatch

Scary full face photos:
marcelle complete correction CC cream light medium review swatch

Color and Coverage:
The light medium shade works well for my NC25 skin tone. I feel like it's a touch lighter in shade than the DD cream but not so different that it would exclude people from buying both. I never understood what a 'glowy finish' meant until this product. There is shimmer in this product which isn't chunky and provides that dewy glow that people seem to enjoy. The shimmer is very subtle and your skin looks quite pretty when it catches the light. The flip side is that I felt it accentuated my pores more than normal but not so much that it's a major deal breaker.

The product has medium coverage and I found that, on some days, concealer wasn't necessary. Closely you can still see some rosacea peaking through but not a lot. It did a great job smoothing over my skin tone and actually looks really lovely on. I didn't try to build it up to full as medium coverage was pretty good for me.

There is good slip in this product which made application easy. Again, I did not use moisturizer under this product since it claims to offer some moisturization. Since it was a slightly thicker cream I think it wasn't necessary to moisturize beforehand.

I preferred to use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply. It did cling to super dry bits but I haven't found any foundation that has not done this. As I previously mentioned I don't think this did a good job smoothing over pores and it took a while to set. Surprisingly, though I did put on quite a bit one day, it didn't transfer very much when I pressed a napkin to my face.

I felt like my face got oily more quickly with this product. I had to blot well before 3-4 hours and my face generated a bit more oil than usual a few more hours after that. I wore this a number of ways. By itself. it provided good coverage but I experienced more oil than usual as mentioned. This was also true with the Ponds Magic Powder and the oiliness only improved slightly with powder over the CC cream.

When I look for a foundation I look for wear, color and oil control.
The CC cream retails for $29.95. At that price, I'm not in love with this product. It offers an amazing subtle glowy finish and the coverage really is good. I wanted to love it for these reasons but I just couldn't deal with how little it controls my oil. I think this would be a great product for dry skin girls and it might convert individuals who haven't gone for glowy finishes in the past. 

To round out the whole Marcelle experience I've even purchased their BB cream compact! LOL I'm on a Marcelle base roll! That one will come out next week with maybe a comparison post to make purchasing decisions that much easier. Hope this post helped :)

Are you into glowy finishes? There seems to be a big divide b/w people who do and who do not.

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Daily Zen: I just bought my IMATS ticket for Sat Nov 9th. Hope to see you there!


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