Thursday 5 September 2013

Marcelle Daily Defence DD Cream review

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

I've tested this product out for a good two weeks and have worn it a couple of different ways. Here are my thoughts on Marcelle's Daily Defence DD cream.

Marcelle DD cream light medium daily defence review swatch

The Marcelle Daily Defence DD Cream SPF 25 claims to protect skin against external aggressors and is suitable for all skin types. They suggest that this especially suited for combo-oily skin. The product also claims to have 10 (!) benefits which includes: tightening pores, visibly improving skin texture, evening and smoothing the look of skin, promoting removal of skin impurities, controlling shine, offering immediate and long-term hydrating benefits, protecting skin from environmental stressors, preventing signs of aging, soothing and calming dry/damaged skin, and providing anti-dull radiant complexion. I'm sure they could have been more concise in their list but there you go.

In brief this product acts as a lightweight moisturizer, a self-adjusting tinted corrector, a makeup base and as sunscreen. The product is formulated with platinum which is suppose to have antioxidant properties that deflect the appearance of fine lines.

Marcelle DD cream light medium daily defence review swatch

Marcelle DD cream daily defence review swatch

Marcelle DD cream light medium daily defence review swatch

Color and Coverage:
The shade light/medium suits my summer skin (about NW30) but I can see it working for winter (NW25) too. The tone seems neutral, leaning slightly yellow but not enough that pink toned girls should shy away. The color appears dark when swatched on my arm but it shows up lighter when applied. The coverage is light with the possibility of sheering out and slightly building up. It will not build to full cover and you might get it to medium. I found putting more on didn't really give a significant different in coverage (but I also didn't really try to cake it on either).

It does a good job of smoothing out my skin tone but you can still see a little of my rosacea coming through and none of my beauty marks are covered. It dries down to a semi-matte finish with slight tackiness. There wasn't any or much transfer when I pressed a napkin to my face a couple of minutes after application.

The product has a light cream consistency that slides easily over the skin. It will cling to major dry patches and buffing it onto the skin with a brush gives a better finish that using my fingers. I didn't use moisturizer before application in order to test its moisturizing claims. I think the cream is thick enough to act as a moisturizer but wouldn't suggest this for people with super dry skin.

Since this was suggested for combo-oily skin, I really wanted to try this out. I wore this three different ways. By itself, it did an average job of controlling shine. I got a little shiny after 4 hrs which is normal for me. So no miracles here. Over Pond's Magic Powder, I managed to get another hour before getting shiny. Under Powder, was the best way to use this product as it gave me a little added coverage and kept me shine-free for little longer. I was surprised how well it wore under powder and would recommend this method. It really felt quite nice on my skin this way. Using a powder also took some of the tackiness away from the product.

When I look for a foundation I look for wear, color and oil control. 
At its price point ($26.95CDN) I think it does pretty well on average. If you're looking for something for oily skin this will not be HG but the coverage and finish are quite nice and comfortable. It would be good for everyday use, those just starting out with makeup or those who prefer the less-is-more approach to cosmetics. It performs well but no real miracles. Even still, I quite enjoyed using this product. Note that I haven't used this long enough to test any of the skincare claims.

So there you go! Hopefully that hit all the points of your curiosity but if I missed anything or could have covered something better please tell me! I think when it comes to foundation reviews, it's better to provide more information so that people can make an informed decision. Marcelle's CC cream review sometime next week!

Have you tried a DD cream yet? Which ones have you come across? 

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